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an Illustrated Book for Adults

Sebastian, an illustrated book for adults

Hello Martha Press

Sebastian is the story of a young man whose lives tend to end tragically—he is thrown from a window, eaten by a tiger. Although his deaths are savage, he remains tender.

sebastian, illustrationsebastian, illustrationsebastian, illustration

Sebastian began as a limited edition run of handset and bound artist’s books produced by the bookbinder, Kathryn Eshbaugh and illustrated by Wen Hsu Chen. You can find up-to-date ordering information at the Hello Martha Press.


sebastian excerpt

Who was abandoned before he was born and whose crib was an upturned umbrella hung in the orphanage’s closet. He spent those first years of his life rocking himself between an old peacoat and a woman’s fake fur that brushed against his cheek and was the most tender thing he ever knew.

sebastian excerpt

Who was a stubborn child that once, because of some perceived slight, climbed up the tree in the front yard and refused to come down. In response his mother waited patiently at the roots of the trees until his hair grew long enough that could stand on her toes and get a fistful.

Digital Download

Sebastian is now available for digital download as either an epub file (iBooks) or pdf. Please feel free to pay whatever you like for the book; if you're just curious, don't hesitate to download it for free!

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