Michael Hugh Stewart is the author of four books and recipient of the Rhode Island Council for the Arts Fellowships in both fiction and poetry. He teaches creative nonfiction at Brown University.​​​​​​​

A Brief Encyclopedia of Modern Magic. Second Edition. The Cupboard, 2015.
The Hieroglyphics. MLP Press, 2011.
Sebastian. Hello Martha Press, 2010.
A Brief Encyclopedia of Modern Magic. The Cupboard, 2009.
Almost Perfect Forms. Ugly Duckling Presse, 2009.

“Twin Sisters.” Driftwood 2023 Anthology. Driftwood Press, 2023. 1-2.
“Sister.” 30 Under 30: An Anthology of Innovative Fiction by Younger Writers. Ed. Blake Butler and Lily Hoang. Buffalo: Starcherone, 2011. 127-137.
“Bluebeard.” MLP: First-Year Anthology. Mudluscious Press, 2010. 107-112.
“Insects.” Encyclopedia F-K. Ed. Miranda Mellis, and Kate Schatz Tisa Bryant. Vol. 2, 2007. 273-274.

Selected Stories & Poems
Wolf in the Kitchen.” The Fabulist, 2023.
Turkish Delight.” Pinch, 2023. 
My Landlord and I.” Cincinnati Review, 2023. 
“An Epic of Long Women.” Fence: 40, 2023. 16.
Mother, Mother.Conjunctions, 2022. 
“Concerning Ghosts” & “Concerning Fire.” NOON, 2021. 
M2: The Temple of Dreams.” Written with Brian Conn. Territory, 2016. 
“Seven from Sin Body.” Limnology, 2014. 
“The Most Famous Writer You’ve Never Heard Of.” The Huffington Post, 2013. 
“A Humiliation of Sparrows.” The Collagist, 2013. 
“from Some Dreams Recorded.” Bombay Gin 39.1, 2013.
“Picnic Love.” Put an Egg on It 1.4, 2011. 35.
“Golem.” Spelling Bee Guide, 2012. 19-20.
“They.” American Letters & Commentary 21, 2010. 106-108.
“A Pornographic Interlude.” &, 2010. 
“Va Dormir, Margarete.” Anemone Sidecar, 2010. 
“The Children’s Factory.” Birkensnake, 2009.
“A Series of Imperfect Climaxes.” Unsaid 4, 2009. 383, 384.
“Bluebeard.” MLP Press, 2009. Chapbook.
“Every Girl Looks Like She is Blushing.” The Collagist, 2009.
“The End of the World.” Parallel Realities Project, 2009. RISD special exhibition gallery.
“Postcards from Providence.” The Collagist, 2009. 
“Miner’s Dreams,” “The Underground City,” & “Women of the Alps.” Squid Quarterly, 2009. 
“Obituary.” Leonard’s Mad Death, 2009. 
“Son and Father.” Denver Quarterly 42.2, 2008. 101-104.
“Moths 10” & “Moths 11.” Elimae, 2008.
“The Bee.” CAB/NET 2, 2007. 57.
“The Devil, a Digression.” Conjunctions, 2007. 
“Moths: Athanasius Kircher.” Horse Less Press, 2006.
“The Beggars of Talahara.” Elimae, 2006. 
“Our Spiraling Prayer.” Marginalia, 2006.
“Moths: Moths & Red.” American Letters & Commentary 18, 2006. 67-70.
Selected Interviews, etc.
Averted Vision – Driftwood 2023 Anthology.
Reformatting Traditional Literature – Howard Rheingold, DML Central, MacArthur Foundation
Dancing with the Profs (video) Proof of a public—and unfortunate—cha cha cha.
30 Under 30 Reading – The Center for Fiction
Alums honored for arts achievements – Brown Daily Herald
Interpretations — Nicolle Elizabeth, Brooklyn Rail
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